Internet Programming COS725

  Note! Please name the exercise according to the slide number, by calling it For example Include your name in comments at the top of the file.
Important!! If you copy a solution, you will be referred to the disciplinary committee.
Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of Linux, including knowing how to run basic bash commands, such as copying files, etc.
Marks for some of the individual exercises can be found here. The file will be updated periodically. If you believe I made a mistake, please inform me. If I missed marking an exercise, please inform me as soon as possible. If you do not understand where you have lost marks, you are welcome to come and talk with me. Note that your final mark will be computed from these marks, and that the different exercises' weights might change. I will likely mark the exercises every Monday during the class period. Make sure your work is working by then.

New: See the Achievement Gets page.

Lecture Time: The classes are for about 40-50 minutes.

Previous years' preliminary syllabus, with a motivation for the coursework. Note that this course aims to give an overview of some of the primary software technologies used to build the web.

The newest slides so far; the slides will be updated periodically. The logics which we use regularly without thinking.
Download the marks file for assignments, and extra information on those.
Example of a cgi-script and template for example. Note that path to the error log for apache is /var/log/apache2/ on Ubuntu.