Andries Kruger

Under construction; construction may be continued if a proposal and preliminary literature study has been completed.

Research Interests:

A few thoughts on a few thoughts: reading to aid in understanding
What is Creativity: here are a few proofs on creativity and logic

Rough Drafts

Paradox: here are a few proofs aimed at paradoxes
Being: here are a few proofs aimed at being

A Small Philosophy on Infinity
Everything on Nothing

Concurrency and Parallellism:
The Pseudo-code for a re-entrant self-modifying token ring could for a basis for using multiple cores in OS or processor design. Note that token-rings have been around for a while. Here is a layout for making the ring self-modifying. State 4 is an error state. Note I use an NFA (non-deterministic finite-state automaton) instead of a PDA (push-down automaton).