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What's the project about


The system referred to as participatory healthcare system is a big project which, if well implemented, can contribute to not only cutting cost in the medical industry but also reducing the mortality when combined with a triage system that prioritizes patients according to sickness so that the most sick are put on the top of the patient's queue. The objective in this project is to build up a system that will:

  • Senssing and communication
  • Communication/standardization and database security
  • Situation recognition and triage
  • Project tasks

  • As far as I am concerned, I will be implementing the sensing and communication part of the project.

  • Sensing and communication consist of using appropriate materials such as sensors and the arduino kit to read body's vital parameters and send them securely to a gateway which can be either an alix board or a tablet, then from the gateway, the collected informations are then sent with all security measures to central database where the triage will be done.


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