Introducing Mobile Packet Tracer

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Most often mobile phone users do not know exactly how much it realy costs for them to use the internet.
They simply connect to the internet, browse then end the session when they get tired. This can be costly as not knowing how much you exactly spending each time you connect to the internet can be very expensive to the user without them actually knowing how much they are wasting.
Mobile packet monitor introduces a concept of actualy keeping track of all packets leaving and enter the phone either through WIFI connection or through the 3g data and then adding a cost to each session of internet usage. Using this mobile packet monitor a user can view his/her hourly/daily/monthly internet usage and view which application was using how much internet. For example blackberry users say they have free internet by paying blackberry R60 a month of which they can bbm with thier friends, but none of them have realy calculated how much data bbm uses. Now with this Mobile packet monitor even though it is made for Andriod phones the same concept can be applied. We would like to know what realy goes on interms of data usage in our mobile phones and that is what this project aims to achieve