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With its open hardware architecture and its reliance on open source software the mesh potato project has the potential to revolutionize access to telecommunication services to rural and underserved communities. But the mesh potato device is not without its shortcomings, some of which are by design (low powered processor SoC for low power consumption, for example), while others, like the poor performance and scalability when wireless smartphone devices are added to the network are due to the relative infancy of the project. In this project we attempt to address one such shortcoming.

The support for VoIP on smartphones currently implemented on the mesh potato (MP) is not very efficient. It is based on naming one of the MPs as Master, and all the SIP clients, no matter where they are, register with that Master first. Thus, the master acts as SIP Server for all SIP clients and so is responsible for the routing of the traffic coming from clients, which is not efficient and can overload the server. Improving this could have an important impact on reducing traffic within the mesh.


Village Telco: Announcing the MP2 - RACHEL Edition. Thanks to WorldPossible.org's RACHEL project and the tireless work of Terry Gillett, we can now offer the MP2 with 32GB of storage packed with resources from the RACHEL project including Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and a host of others.


Mankosi South Africa
This is Mankosi in the Eastern Cape. Here, the community, with some help from researchers, created and owns its own telephone and internet “company”.

In 2012 a partnership began between the Mankosi community and the University of the Western Cape.....

In 2012 a partnership began between the Mankosi community and the University of the Western Cape.....

--Zenzeleni Networks LTS.

Connecting People......
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What's NEW?

This Firmware is unstable version designed for DUNDI(for this Project).
SECN 2.0 Firmware
This is the second release  Network firmware for MP-1

SECN 2.1 Firmware
This firmware is a point upgrade to the SECN 2.0 firmware specifically for the MP2 device.

WNETS 1.0 Firmware
This is the initial release of the Wildernets firmware for the MP02 and MP02-Phone, it sypport Instant Messaging.

Adding Mobile device for VoIP