Air Pollution Monitoring System

The smart way to avoid polluted areas

About Me

I enjoy learning new trends and have a particular interest in computer vision,
as well as sensors networking and all the related fields of computation.

Project Background

The System aims to calculate with accuracy , the level of pollution (CO2 related particles) in the air using image processing techniques. The APMS combines the resources of sensors networking with image processing in order to deliver the most accurate outcomes regarding pollution monitoring.

IOIO-OTG Board (Sensors)

Used to detect pollution and warn the user about the present of pollutants.
I strongly beleive that sensors networking are the next big thing in vogue. The Internet Of Things (IOT) will shape the future of next generations

Android Smartphone (Pictures)

Capture the event with the use of camera sensors by taking a picture, request results from the server and output result by the use of a web interface

Image Processing (Computations)

Noise Removal using Sharperning, deblurring and pixel foreground extraction


Use a set of filtering techniques such Deblurring, Sharpening and pixel foreground extraction to enhance noise removal and extract non-info from information of the image

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