Visually Impaired Helper

This is my Honours Project Website - I am creating a solution for the visually impaired that leverages the technology available to us to simulate vision using an alternate motor sensory function.

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Motivation For The Project

There are many people out there that are visually impaired and some even blind, it is a daily challenge for these people to easily navigate around in comparison to people that have better eye sight. This project is still in a research phase, but hopefully aims to create a product that the visually impaired can wear and use to easily navigate freely to where they would like to go.

About The Project

A live stream is captured from a Kinect Sensor and then processed by a computer, this data is then sent to the Arduino Micro Controller which in turn decides which vibration motors should vibrate. These vibrations will tell the user where they will be able to move in order to not collide with objects in the real world.

About Me

My Name is Kurt Jacobs, I am currently an Honours Computer Science student at the University of The Western Cape.