Mesh networks are ad hoc networks in which each node may supply connectivity to adjacent nodes. Mesh networks originated in the military, but are now applied to overcome some of the hurdles of traditional wireless deployments. Mesh clients can either be stationary or mobile, and can form a client mesh network among themselves or with mesh routers. Mesh networks have routing protocols such as ad hoc on demand distance vector routing, dynamic source routing, and optimized link state routing.

In this project the performance of the Mesh Network routing protocols when using user datagram protocol will be investigated. These protocols will be analyzed for efficient routing performance with respect to different aspects such as network load, throughput, and delay. The project aims to target disaster areas response scenarios (this includes areas that have been affected by hurricanes,floods, earthquakes, war, etc), to evaluate the Mesh network performance when using UDP protocols to improve communication in such events.

A simulation tool, OPNET, will be used for modeling and simulating the network to get performance results of the protocols under these aspects.