A telemeter is generally defined as a device used to remotely measure any quantity. The original meaning of a telemeter is a device used to measure the distances to remote objects, in other words a rangefinder.

The more conventional way of using a tape measure to determine the dimensions of an object is still the more favored and most accurate way for determining the dimensions of a reasonably sized surface area. The Optical Telemeter is intended to be an android application that will be able to return the dimensions of a wall (length, breadth and surface area) from a picture taken using the android device' camera. Calculations are made based on the known dimensions of a barcoded A4 page placed on the wall prior to taking the picture.

Central to the successfull implementation of this project will be image processing, as image processing forms


The user places a barcoded A4 page on the wall that they wish to retrieve the dimensions of. They will then proceed to take a picture of the wall using the camera of the device that the application is installed on,

The application should then return the dimensions of the wall after calculating them using the known dimensions of the A4 page

The application will make use of edge detection, a feature found in the Opencv 2.4 libraries made for Android application development.

These are the project specifications
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