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About The Project

"Using mesh potato communication to increase trust and adoption of e-services"

In rural Mankosi in Eastern Cape, people are dispersed and isolated.

To overcome the communication problem faced, a mesh potato communication technology is implemented in the region.

However, the South African community in rural areas faces many obstacles that lead them not to trust to e-services for different reasons such as the affordability of the service itself, the lack of understanding how it works and more importantly the due to previous experiences for rural projects that failed.

The problem is: Will the local community trust and adopt the mesh potato communication?

This gives rise to the following research questions:How should the quality of the e-services be improved to meet the need and expectation of the rural communities? How should the mesh potato system be managed to generate interests for maintenance of the materials and project sustainability? A billing system for the Mankosi mesh network will be designed. The system will deal with user authentication, authorization and accounting issues for the mesh potato network. It will be able to collect information on resource usage and calculate the related cost, so that at the end of a call the cost incurred can be billed against the user's account, and inform the user what amount is still available. The low cost, the usefulness and the transparency of the mesh potato communication will create confidence and trust in electronic services usage.