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Mr. J Connan


Honours Project Security Tracker


JERED MICHAEL OLCKERS                                                       

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Project Overview

The goal of the project is to build a Object (person) detection system for video surveillance which is able to fully identify and track a person. The program is written in C# and libraries like Emgu (opencv) and was used.

Step 1 click select_Person_Cam Button to create a reference image.

  • This could be in any camera.

Step 2 click on Find Person Button

  • This will enable the system to search of a specific individual.


The system is fully documented and all the system tests, limitations, functions is described under the Documentation link. You can also view coding phases on the presentation slides. Presentation Term4 describes the testing phases in more detail.

Contact Details:Mr.Connan
Telephone:+27 21 959-3010/3012
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