Audio Recognition on Contact Surface Gesture

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There are many ways to recognise a hand drawn shape with use of a specific type of software. Often a track pad or touch screen is used to register the trail of the shape. However in this project; the objective will be to recognise a shape via the sound made from a object (e.g. pen) contacting with the surface. In other words; the recognition of the shapes will be done by an audio medium. Therefore users will be able to draw a shape (e.g. circle) on a wall and the recognition system will be able to know which shape by the sound signature.

Project Structure

The structure of the entire project will take into a development life cycle such as: Conceptual phase as to how the project is thought out to be and practicality. Design of the system which will determine the set up as well as other details of the build. Implementation phase will create the actual build of the system, integrating both software and hardware.

The project will be developed through four phases of iteration. To ensure that this iteration of development is stable; there is research done towards the relevant topics, field, applications and implications.

Conceptual Phase: All of the project's content is only conceptual. The ideas for the project will be refined by means of research. This will create a more solid understanding as to where to begin and choose the path in which it is desirable to follow.

System Design Phase: This phase will define the set up of the system and its components from the capture of the audio data to the display of the gesture that is made. It also specifies the components as well as the nature of data capture, reading and programming.

Implementation Phase: The third phase of the project will be the implementation of the system. The development of the system will go through the build up and testing. As the testing are done, constraints and obstacles will be expected. The whole process will be done in a manner of a journal. In other words; we will record and annotate the progress as we build and test.

Testing and Refining Phase: The final phase of the project will be testing the integrity of the system as well as adjustments to improve the quality control on the implementation. Until when a desirable condition is reached, the system is then considered complete.