Vyacheslav Shevchenko

This site is about my computer science honours project
in 2016 at the University of the Western Cape.

About me

My first time up Lion's head.

I have completed my computer science undergraduate degree
at UWC and am now doing my honours degree.

Exploring the peak at Lion's head.

I enjoy a weekly hike and a game of squash.

Low exposure photography of a light bulb.

I don't have any professional camera gear,
but I do like taking photos with my Lumia 1020.
I have a blog of some of the photos that I have taken: link.

I enjoy listening to music and also have a
blog of music that I like: link.



This project is in the area of Social Computing.
The objective is to create a centralized center where campus related information can be obtained and crowd sourced by the students themselves.


An image sharing platform where students on campus can crowd source images or videos, and share with everyone else on the platform.

Venue Locator

A crowd sourced venue locator system where students can add and view venue information such as GPS co-ordinates, photo of the venue, alternative name, etc...

Information Hub

A system that is crowd sourced which provides students with information related to campus, eg: procedure to applying for residence, how to declare your laptop, etc...

Researcher zone

A system where verified researchers can submit their project and ask for assistance from the students. Students can then browse current research projects and reach out to researchers.



I am reachable on

Or find me on various platforms below.