Replacing physical waiting lines with virtual queues

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About QSwift

Pharmacies experience major challenges relating to queue congestion, long waiting times and overcrowding. Waiting in a long queue can become monotonous, expensive, frustrating and time-consuming for clients. QSwift is a queueing management software that will virtually organise, minimise and manage queues at pharmaceutical enterprises

Client Satisfaction

QSwift aims to improve Customer Relationship Management by proving clients with a variety of software features and functions. Clients who choose to wait inside the pharmacy need not keep track of the queue and may sit comfortably while waiting to be served.

Queue Management

Upon arrival at a pharmacy, clients are issued with unique ticket number and placed in a virtual queue. An LCD monitor displays ticket number when clients are to be served. A network of devices interact in the pharmacy to ensure smooth queue flow.

Operational Statistics

The QSwift software will analyse, collect and produce useful statistics that will be utilized by pharmacy executives for managerial decision-making and aiding operational efficiency.

Queue Monitoring

Clients may enter and monitor a virtual queue before physically visiting a pharmacy as a means of minimising congestion and waiting time.


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    Wongakazi Pambuka BSc Computer Science Honours (UWC) Email: Cell number: 0844292531 Honours Lab, Department of Computer Science, New Science Building
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    Professor I.M Venter(Supervisor) BSc; HDE(US); MSc (UNISA); Ph.D.(UP) Email: Room 1.29, Department of Computer Science, New Science Building