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UWC hosts open days aimed at high school students in Grades 10, 11 and 12, their families, teachers and guidance councellors.

This event presents an ideal opportunity to explore the vast range of study options UWC has to offer. Open days gives  the targeted audience a chance to find out exactly what certain fields of study entail.

The opportunity to speak to someone face-to-face about the different academic programmes and what they involve is absolutely vital to making the best study choices.

This year at OPEN DAY 2018 ,the Department Of Computer Science had left no stone unturned . The Computer Science stall for open day 2018 had completely wowed the crowds by showcasing almost all of what they have to offer ,this sparked intrigued amongst many aspiring programmers and potential students. The intrigue was startled by the showcase of AR and VR technologies part of the new courses going to be offered . And who can forget the DRONES and FLIGHT SIMULATOR booth  manned by our very own Daniel Leenders as well as the Leap Motion booth that had adults and learners overjoyed by the ability to manipulate their desktop environment with their hands in real time. The open day 2018 also featured some members of the WICS team.

Something special… this year we had a little more excitement on central campus  …

During Open Day 2018 we had a Samsung Gear VR booth that was situated opposite the Main/Great hall aimed at promoting the AR/VR course that is rumoured to commence in August 2018,the booth was managed by senior students Johnny and Ethan.


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