“Understanding and improving the student experience is of critical importance if South African higher education is going to produce the number and quality of graduates and citizens needed in the 21stcentury.” 

Computer science? Has it been engaging ? How can we engage the subject matter let alone implement it?

CSKULTURE may very well be the answer to these questions and more so improve the student experience within the department of Computer Science.

“More than a decade of higher education research indicates that the three best predictors of student success are academic preparation, motivation and student engagement (Kuh et al., 2005). Unfortunately, an exclusive focus on academic preparation and motivation limits the pathways towards improving student success to increasing selection criteria. This approach inevitably undermines the important imperative of increasing access. A focus on student engagement offers institutions the opportunity to enhance the prospects for a diverse range of students, especially underprepared students, to survive and thrive in higher education”

                  What & Why is CSKULTURE ?

CSKULTURE is a student society/movement within the Department of Computer Science UWC. With a driven focus on student engagement and improving student experiences for students studying computer science and co-majors by tackling academic issues faced by students through peer assessment. Generate student interest within the department through engaging and relatable content viewable as infotainment as well organizing events such as hackathons ,tech-talks and motivational talks that will drive student success ensuring these actionables help establish a strong community of like minded individuals and induce a stronger coding culture.

 CSKULTURE`s mission is to get people excited about  UWC Computer Science and to create a community of like-minded individuals in an attempt to create and promote a culture of excitement, engagement and growth within the Computer Science Department and university at large. With a vision to connect with students through the means of academic engagement, social interaction and the creation of media content with which students can engage. Our objective are but not limited to:

  1. Academic Objectives:

    1. Connect students with tutors

    2. Form student study groups

    3. Set up a support base for Computer Science Students (i.e. extra notes repository, note sharing platform, CSKULTURE Google Drive Folder, etc.)

    4. Ensure that Orientation week is insightful for new Computer Science Students

  2. Social Objectives:

    1. Create a culture of friendship and camaraderie amongst Computer Science students through social events and get togethers

    2. Engage with new Computer Science Students during orientation week while creating a fun, safe and engaging environment

    3. Get students involved with various clubs and activities the Computer Science Department has to offer

  3. Content Creation Objectives:

    1. Create engaging media content to give insight into the Computer Science Department and the field as a whole (Videos, News articles, etc)

    2. Highlight the research done within the department

    3. Highlight various clubs and student organisations within the department.


“Student engagement can be defined by two key components: first, what students do (the time and energy they devote to educationally purposive activities), and second, what institutions do (the extent to which institutions employ effective educational practices to induce students to do the right things). “

Last but not least please do follow us on social media and our webpage to stay up to date with our content as the movement takes flight and progresses.

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News reel by :

Stephen Boikanyo

Chairperson :CSKULTURE



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