Google Developer Student Club UWC

Developer Student Clubs are a flag-ship initiative by Google Developers and are university-based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies. Students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a developer are welcome. By joining a DSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community.
I Stephen Boikanyo under the auspices of Google am the first and current Developer Student Clubs Lead for UWC and had the privilege of being flown off to Accra, Ghana as part of orientation in the September break of 2019. There are currently only two DSC chapters in the country(South Africa) one at UWC and the other at UCT. So I pride myself and I hope the University will too on being part of such a cool initiative by Google, the global network for these clubs are big in other countries.

The Developer Student Clubs UWC aims to make a great impact at UWC as a campus by improving the community through impactful technology and peer-based learning.

The core team will be comprised of me(Stephen) as the lead and some help from the existing UWC Math Club steered by the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and a core team of students that can be seen on our page (

An information session was held and the turn was great. We can not wait to see more students and share our plans to make our campus fun and exciting through technology.

Next week Thursday Google will be having its annual team-driven competition, Hashcode in which students are given Google engineering problems and must solve them and submit through the judging system, winning teams are sent to Google Ireland for the final round and the DSC UWC is the official host for our campus this year and we look forward to having many students take part in the event. The event takes place on Thursday 20th February 2020 at 19:30, the venue is still to be confirmed

Over the course of this year, the DSC UWC is gong to host peer learning sessions in Web Development as well as Google Cloud technologies on how to build, scale and deploy apps. As well as some cool hackathons/ Many of these sessions will be facilitated by working professionals like the Google Developer Groups as well as Google Developer Experts who are responsible for supporting Developer Student Clubs and we would love to have more students from IFS part of our club to ensure that we carry out Google`s mission to upskill and have more developers building sustainable solutions to problems, this in turns helps students become better coders overall in a class environment ready for industry

Article by :Stephen Boikanyo