I'm DAQ stack, an interface for the Paass-lc framework.

A Web interface for Paass-lc

This System is designed to be a web front end for a Data Aquisition System Using the Paass-lc framework.

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Open Source

This project is designed to be built in such a way that anybody may extend this program to fit their specific use case.

The Physics

Daq stack uses a modified version of the paass-lc framework to allow for the processing of coincidence experiments.

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The Paass-lc framework

Paass-lc is a framework developed and maintained by a team of scientists lead by Stanley V. Paulauskas. This system is designed to both aquire data from the pixie 16 system aswell as analysed.

The framework is designed in such a way as to allow scientists to extend the framework to fit their use case It records experiment data then allows you process this data by writing your own processors. This Maximises The flexibility of the system allowing it to be used for virtually any partical physics experiment .

PAASS-LC can be found here

Coincidence Experiments

During the radioactive decay of certain elements a pair of high energy gamma rays are emmitted in vertically opposite directions. These pairs of photons interact with pairs of particle detectors placed on vertically opposite placed facing one another with the radio active source mid way between them. These interactions occur nearly simultaineously.

For this project a custom experiment proccessor is being written that is capable of finding these coincidences. This information is important and can be used for the purposes of removing background radiation (noise) from spectrograms, to the location of the radio active source. This technique of radio active source location is currently in use with modern PET (Positron Emmision Tomography) scanners.

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I wrote a project documentation and a presentation with reguards to the DAQ stack platform

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