Sentiment Detection


Sentiment detection, is a special niche of text classification, that emerged as a new research area at the beginning of the 2000s due to the enormous increase of subjective texts in the social media, forums, and blog. Sentiment detection attempts to determine the overall feeling or sentiment a piece of text conveys. The text can be positive, neutral, or negative. Sentiment detection is also commonly referred to as sentiment analysis, opinion mining, review mining, subjectivity extraction, and opinion extraction. This project will implement sentiment detecion using different machine learning algorimths and comparing their performance.


The Geeks

Loyiso Jiya

Role: Researcher
Qualifications: BSc Computer Science (UWC)

Daiyaan Sataar

Role: Co-researcher
Qualifications: BSc Computer Science (UWC)


Dr. M Ghaziasgar

Role: Supervisor
Qualifications: MSc Computer Science (UWC), PhD Computer Science (UWC))
Tel: 021 959 3012

Mr. R Dodds

Role: Co-supervisor
Qualifications: MSc Mathematics (Stellenbosch)
Tel: 021 959 3010