Artificial Intelligence add Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing problems experienced in almost all industries. The focus of this group is on the combination of the two disciplines, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. This area offers exciting prospects for automation, understanding and prediction in an environment where computing power, data collection and data storage increase rapidly.

Current Postgraduate Research Topics: Ontology Engineering, Cyber Threat Information Exchange, Cybersecurity Risk Management Decision Modelling, Cybersecurity Governance Modelling, Social Engineering



Journal Publications

JC Jansen van Vuuren, L Leenen, and P Pieterse. Development and implementation of cybercrime strategies in Africa with specific reference to South Africa. Journal of Information Warfare, Vol 19(3), 2020.

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 A Jansen van Vuuren  and L Leenen. Proving it is the Data that is Biased not the Algorithm, through a recent South African online case study. Journal of Information Warfare, Vol 19(3), 2020.

Conference Proceedings

O Ajayi, I Odun-Ayo, L Leenen. On the Performance of Off-Peak Workload Allocation Models in Cloud Computing. Proceedings of the South African AI Conference (SACAIR 2020).

Leenen, J Jansen van Vuuren, A Jansen van Vuuren. Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Combatting Culture for African Police Services. Proceedings of the 14th (IFIP) Human Choice and Computers Conference. 2020

J.H. Roodt, L. Leenen, J Jansen van Vuuren, Z.C. Khan. Modelling of the Complex Societal Problem of Establishing a National Energy Sufficiency Competence. FUSION 2020 conference, 6-9 July 2020, (Virtual).

Jafta, L. Leenen and P. Chan. An Ontology for the South African protection of Personal Information Act. European Conference for Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS 2020), 25-26 June 2020, (Virtual)