The Club is a community for developers to learn, explore and discover all the different aspects of Google technologies.The club demonstrates some of the amazing projects done with Google technology. It is a safe space to collaborate with other developers to create solutions for local problems that the community would be facing. We encourage the desire to create and be fearless with your creations. The club is for everyone and all fields of study included as anyone has the ability to become a developer.

Our UWC Google Developer Student Club lead is Ms. Jessica Randall.


The benefits include amazing workshops from experts in their respective fields.
The exposure to big projects and working with a team of developers.
It’s a safe space where you get to work on your ideas with your friends and to grow as a developer.
The opportunity to learn about Google Technologies.
It’s a safe space¬†for beginners to start their developer journey and support as well as encouragement will be provided.

Interested in joining ?

Sign up onto our Google platform by the link below to be informed about further events. Workshops and hackathons: