Thank you for your interest in our Computer Science Postgraduate program at UWC.

Positions in our programme are limited. Our priority at this time is to increase our numbers of South African students in our postgraduate programme. Foreign students will thus be considered after these students. We also do not currently offer bursaries to new foreign students.


Duration of course


Note that currently, we offer a research thesis degree that is normally of a 2-year duration for a MSc and a 3-year duration for a PhD for full time students.




Keep in mind that you will not be considered for a Masters degree unless you have at least a 4 year degree with a Computer Science Major, or a 3 year degree with an honours degree in Computer Science. To be considered for a PhD degree you need to have an MSc degree in Computer Science.


International Applicants


All applicants who did not obtain their qualifications in South Africa / Non South African students, must please submit all your qualifications to SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) for an evaluation. For a small fee, SAQA will evaluate your qualifications. You can visit their website at for more information. We cannot respond to your application until you submit a certificate issued by SAQA stating the NQF level of your qualifications.


– If the language of instruction of your academic institution is not English, we also require a TOEFL test –


How to apply

Applicants are required to apply online via

Should you require a Hard Copy Application Form Click Here

To ensure the successful completion of your application, please submit the following supporting documents (certified) to the Natural Sciences Faculty:

  • The documents to be submitted by foreign students:
    • Certifiied copy of passport
    • Certified copies of all official academic transcripts / record of results
    • Certified copies of degree certificates
    • SAQA Evaluation Certificate
    • TOEFL test score
    • Short Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • One page letter of motivation
    • Short research intention
    • Proof of funding
  • The documents to be submitted by SA students:
    • Certifiied copy of South African ID
    • Certified copies of all academic transcripts / record of results
    • Certified copies of degree certificates
    • Short Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • One page letter of motivation
    • Short research intention
    • Proof of funding

Consult the Natural Sciences Faculty if additional documentation is required. All documents must be uploaded to:

If the required documents are not received by 30 September 2016, your application will not be considered.


For further enquiries, please contact the Natural Sciences Faculty office: or +27 21 959 2975.


More information on fees, etc. can be found on the University webpage at UWC Financial Matters.


Special Note  

  • Please include your area of research interest and approach a supervisor you would be interested in from Choosing a Supervisor.
  • A supervisor agrees to supervise you based on his availability and research interests. This does not mean that you are accepted.
  • Complete the online application at and submit documents at by 30 September 2016.
  • We will then review all applicants (at departmental level) in light of the number of lab seats we have available and attempt to inform applicants of the results by Mid November.
  • There is NO fee payable for your postgraduate application.


Residential Services

If you have applied for university accommodation, UWC Residential Services Department will deal with this application in a separate process.

  • Only successful applicants will receive a written confirmation of his / her space in Residence by 10 December 2016. We therefore urge all applicants to make alternate arrangements in the event that his / her application to Residence is not successful
  • All enquiries may be directed to one of the following contacts:
  • Alternatively, applicants may apply to Kovacs UWC Student Village on campus. A separate on-line application is required at For more information, email or contact the offices at +27 21 959 9500 / 9502.