FacultyNatural Sciences
Home DepartmentComputer Science
Module TopicProblem Solving, Algorithms, and Programming
Generic Module NameComputer Science 101
Alpha-numeric CodeCOS101
NQF Level5
NQF Credit Value30
Proposed semester to be offeredBoth Semesters
Programmes in which the module will be offered

BSc (Computer Science) (3221,3023); BSc (Physical Science) (3233,3120)

Year level1
Main Outcomes


On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Read, understand and solve problems.
  • Apply problem-solving techniques.
  • Have acquired improve analytical thinking.
  • Understand sequence, selection, repetition and control structures.
  • Design an algorithm to solve a given problem.
  • Express an algorithm in pseudocode/structured diagram.
  • Implement algorithms in a high-level programming language (e.g. Java).
  • Understand the Software Development Life cycle.
  • To pass parameters and use arrays.
  • Understand & implement the Object-Oriented (OO) paradigm & inheritance.
  • Design and present a team project.
Main Content


  • Problem-solving; algorithm design; trace tables; constructs.
  • Abstraction;
  • Pseudocode.
  • Structured diagramming techniques (top-down design).
  • Arrays and data structures.
  • Development and application of simple algorithms.
  • High-level programming language fundamentals
  • Basic data types & methods.
  • The Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Design tools and object-oriented design.
  • Inter-modular communication: Parameter passing and variable scope.
  • Objects as parameters.
  • Introduction to inheritance.
  • Data modeling, File I/O and recursion.
Pre-requisite modulesNone
Co-requisite modulesNone
Prohibited module CombinationNone
Breakdown of Learning TimeHoursTimetable Requirement per weekOther teaching modes that does not require time-table
Contact with lecturer: / tutor:112Lectures p.w.3 
Assignments & tasks:20Practicals p.w.1
Practicals:84Tutorials p.w.1
Tests & Examinations:20  
Total Learning Time300 
Methods of Student Assessment

Continuous Assessment (CA): 60%    ||   Final Assessment (FA): 40%

Assessment Module typeContinuous and Final Assessment (CFA)