Faculty Natural Sciences
Home Department Computer Science
Module Topic Operating Systems, Computer Networks, and Theory of Computation
Generic Module Name Computer Science 311 (CSC311)
Alpha-numeric Code CSC311
NQF Level 7
NQF Credit Value 30
Duration Semester
Proposed semester to be offered First Semester
Programmes in which the module will be offered BSc (Computer Science) (3221,3023); BSc (Mathematics and Statistical Sciences) (3227)
Year level 3
Main Outcomes Upon successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

In Operating Systems:

  • Explain the fundamental tasks performed by a modern operating system.
  • Implement fundamental operating systems tasks and algorithms.

Computer Networks:

  • build networks with current network topologies, protocols, operating systems, and applications.
  • Develop an appreciation of standards and protocols.

Machine Learning:

  • Apply linear, logistic regression and regulization to data.
  • Implement neural networks and support vector machines.
Main Content Operating Systems:

  • History of operating systems.
  • Operating system concepts and structure.
  • Emphasis on processes (communication and scheduling).
  • Basic Input/Output.
  • Concurrency.

Computer Networks:

  • Communications media.
  • Network standards and layers.
  • Communications protocols.
  • Network architectures.
  • Client/server and peer-to-peer networks, Network design.
  • Network operations and operating systems.
  • Network administration.
  • Construction and installation of networks.

Machine Learning:

  • Linear and logistic regression.
  • Regularization
  • Neural Networks
  • Support Vector Machines
Pre-requisite modules CSC211 and 212
Co-requisite modules None
Prohibited module Combination None
Breakdown of Learning Time Hours Timetable Requirement per week Other teaching modes that does not require time-table
Contact with lecturer: / tutor: 42 Lectures p.w. 3
Assignments & tasks: 28 Practicals p.w. 0
Practicals: 84 Tutorials p.w. 2
Tutorials: 0
Tests & Examinations: 3
Selfstudy: 143
Other: 0
Total Learning Time 300 5
Methods of Student Assessment Continuous Assessment (CA): 100%

Final Assessment (FA): 0%

Assessment Module type Continuous Assessment