FacultyNatural Sciences
Home DepartmentComputer Science
Module TopicAdvanced Operating Systems
Generic Module NameComputer Science 727
Alpha-numeric CodeCOS727
NQF Level8
NQF Credit Value15
Proposed semester to be offered.First Semester
Programmes in which the module will be offeredBSc Hons (Computer Science) (3735)
Year level1
Main Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Understand operating system internals via theory.
  • Be able to examine code.
  • Demonstrate the ability to infer OS design principles and programming skills to other operating systems and environments.
Main Content
  • The course is based around a conceptual and practical in-dept case study of contemporary operating system.
  • Operating system design and implementation content can include one or more of the following topics
  • Process management;
  • Parallel and concurrent programming;
  • Memory management;
  • File system; input and output (device drivers and networking);
  • Inter-process communication and security.
Pre-requisite modulesNone
Co-requisite modulesNone
Prohibited module CombinationNone
Breakdown of Learning TimeHoursTimetable Requirement per weekOther teaching modes that does not require time-table
Contact with lecturer: / tutor:42Lectures p.w.4 
Assignments & tasks:80Practicals p.w.0
Practicals:0Tutorials p.w.0
Tests & Examinations:0  
Total Learning Time150  
Methods of Student Assessment

Continuous Assessment (CA): 100%

Final Assessment (FA): 0%

Assessment Module typeContinuous Assessment (CA)