FacultyNatural Sciences
Home DepartmentComputer Science
Module TopicProject Implementation and Testing
Generic Module NameComputer Science 732
Alpha-numeric CodeCOS732
NQF Level8
NQF Credit Value15
Proposed semester to be offered.Second Semester
Programmes in which the module will be offeredBSc Hons (Computer Science) (3735)
Year level1
Main Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Understand and implement the Implementation & Testing activities of the Software Development Life- cycle.
  • Implement a project from design documentation (produce code).
  • Refine design documentation.
  • Devise evaluation criteria & test cases.
  • Test a program against a test-suite.
  • Write a Users Guide.
  • Write a Project Report on Implementation & Testing.
  • Present/Demonstrate the final program to an audience.
Main Content
  • Code Generation
  • Compilation
  • Testing Strategies
  • Testing Tactics
  • Debugging
  • Software Program
  • Software User Guide
  • Software Program
  • Project Presentation
Pre-requisite modulesNone
Co-requisite modulesNone
Prohibited module CombinationNone
Breakdown of Learning TimeHoursTimetable Requirement per weekOther teaching modes that does not require time-table
Contact with lecturer: / tutor:20Lectures p.w.1 
Assignments & tasks:0Practicals p.w.4
Practicals:100Tutorials p.w.0
Tests & Examinations:0  
Total Learning Time150  
Methods of Student Assessment

Continuous Assessment (CA): 100%

Final Assessment (FA): 0%

Assessment Module typeContinuous Assessment (CA)