Faculty Natural Sciences
Home Department Computer Science
Module Topic Information and Communication Technologies for Development
Generic Module Name ICT4D
Alpha-numeric Code COS734
NQF Level 8
NQF Credit Value 15
Duration Semester
Proposed semester to be offered.  FirstFirst
Programmes in which the module will be offered BSc Hons (Computer Science) (3735)
Year level
Main Outcomes On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate development and how technology fits in with development.
  • Describe the interactions between technologists, social scientists and communities by examining multiple case studies.
  • Understand multi-disciplinary and trans-sector ict4d research, research methods, evaluation and practice.
  • Engage with seminal and topical ict4d research outputs.
  • Partake in independent and group outputs through practicals, papers, presentations and workshops.
  • Demonstrate awareness of ethics, community engagement and challenges to sustainability particular to ict4d contexts.
Main Content The main course content is divided into three parts:

Part 1: What is ICT4D?

  • Definitions of development, e.g. Techno-centric and social-centric;
  • Theory of development, e.g. Sen and capabilities theory; and also theory of technology, e.g. Amplification theory.
  • Ethics and intent

Part 2: Domains

  • Community networks
  • Education
  • Disability
  • Health
  • Governance

Part 3: Critique

  • Challenges, e.g. Barriers to access, ict4d failures
  • Gender and ict
  • Decolonisation and post-colonial thinking
Pre-requisite modules None
Co-requisite modules None
Prohibited module Combination None
Breakdown of Learning Time Hours Timetable Requirement per week Other teaching modes that does not require time-table
Contact with lecturer: / tutor: 26 Lectures p.w. 4 iKamva discussions
Assignments & tasks: 52 Practicals p.w. 0
Practicals: 42 Tutorials p.w. 0
Tutorials: 0
Tests & Examinations: 0
Selfstudy: 0
Other: 30
Total Learning Time 150
Methods of Student Assessment Continuous Assessment (CA): 100%

Final Assessment (FA): 0%

Assessment Module type Continuous Assessment