FacultyNatural Sciences
Home DepartmentComputer Science
Module TopicAlgorithms and Architecture
Generic Module NameComputer Science 212
Alpha-numeric CodeCSC212
NQF Level6
NQF Credit Value20
Proposed semester to be offeredSecond Semester
Programmes in which the module will be offeredBSc (Computer Science) (3221,3023); BSc (Mathematical & Statistical Sciences) (3227); BSc (Physical Science) (3233,3120)
Year level2
Main Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Explain standard algorithmic methods, algorithm efficiency, algorithm complexity and the ability to apply these.
  • Explain the nature of computationally intractable problems and the role of heuristics.
  • Demonstrate improved analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Explain the interaction between low- and high-level software and hardware and knowledge of the architecture of a typical RISK processor at the conventional machine level.
  • Explain the limitations and bottlenecks in modern processors and how hardware components and their interconnection affect the performance of a computer.
Main Content

Algorithms, and Complexity

  • Recursion, searches, and traversal, divide and conquer, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming.
  • Program correctness; primitive recursive functions, mu- recursive functions, partial functions, Church-Turing thesis, time complexity of algorithms, average-case complexity.
  • Classes P and NP, reducibility, NP-completeness, decidability, certificates.
  • Probabilistic algorithms. Architecture
  • System buses.
  • Internal memory and external storage.
  • Input/Output.
  • Instruction sets.
  • Operands and operations.
  • Addressing modes and formats.
  • Processor and register organization.
Pre-requisite modulesNone
Co-requisite modulesComputer Science – CSC211 or equivalent
Prohibited module CombinationNone
Breakdown of Learning TimeHoursTimetable Requirement per weekOther teaching modes that does not require time-table
Contact with lecturer: / tutor:42Lectures p.w.3 
Assignments & tasks:28Practicals p.w.6
Practicals:84Tutorials p.w.1
Tests & Examinations:9  
Total Learning Time200 10
Methods of Student Assessment

Continuous Assessment (CA): 50%

Final Assessment (FA): 50%

Assessment Module typeContinuous and Final Assessment