FacultyNatural Sciences
Home DepartmentComputer Science
Module TopicOperating Systems, Computer Networks, and Machine Learning
Generic Module NameComputer Science 311
Alpha-numeric CodeCSC311
NQF Level7
NQF Credit Value30
Proposed semester to be offered1First Semester
Programmes in which the module will be offered

BSc (Computer Science) (3221,3023), BSc (Mathematical and Statistical Science) (3227)(3031); BSc (Physical Science) (3233,3120)

Year level3
Main Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:

In Operating Systems:

  • Explain the fundamental tasks performed by a modern operating system.
  • Implement fundamental operating systems tasks and algorithms.

Computer Networks:

  • build networks with current network topologies, protocols, operating systems, and applications.
  • Develop an appreciation of standards and protocols.

Machine Learning:

  • Apply linear, logistic regression and regularization to data.
  • Implement neural networks and support vector machines.
Main Content
  • Systems:

    • History of operating systems.
    • Operating system concepts and structure.
    • Emphasis on processes (communication and scheduling).
    • Basic Input/Output.
    • Concurrency.

    Computer Networks:

    • Communications media.
    • Network standards and layers.
    • Communications protocols.
    • Network architectures.
    • Client/server and peer-to-peer networks, Network design.
    • Network operations and operating systems.
    • Network administration.
    • Construction and installation of networks.

    Machine Learning:

    • Linear and logistic regression.
    • Regularization.
    • Neural networks.
    • Support Vector Machines.
Pre-requisite modulesCSC211 and CSC212
Co-requisite modulesNone
Prohibited module CombinationNone
Breakdown of Learning TimeHoursTimetable Requirement per weekOther teaching modes that does not require time-table
Contact with lecturer: / tutor:42Lectures p.w.5 
Assignments & tasks:28Practicals p.w.2×3
Practicals:84Tutorials p.w.0
Tests & Examinations:3  
Total Learning Time300  
Methods of Student Assessment

Continuous Assessment (CA): 100%

Final Assessment (FA): 0%

Assessment Module typeContinuous Assessment (CA)