Post-Graduate Diploma in e-Skills Development

 The Postgraduate Diploma in e-skills development will equip students to understand the digital divide and develop innovative solutions for bridging the digital divide in developing countries.
Thus, empowering you to join an exciting new field in the Fourth Industrial revolution (4IR) that is gaining a vast amount of interest globally.

Students get exposed to professional industry projects in various fields such as, healthcare, education, manufacturing, aerospace and energy.

Students also get free access to all the software tools and hardware toys required to learn, play and build engaging and immersive experiences in this brave new medium.


  • The knowledge society and related labour market
  • Tools of the digital era
  • Research and Development Project
  • Introduction to VR/AR and techniques in interactive application development.
  • 2D and 3D graphic assets creation within VR/AR application
  • AR/VR Interactive Content Development
  • AR/VR Scripting, Programming and VR/AR Software Development
  • VR/AR Application Development for Mobile Platforms
  • AR/VR Practical Project and Project Management


  • Nature Reserve
  • Wine Farm
  • Medical Bioscience
  • Arm Project
  • Leg Project
  • 360 Tour Project
  • Tractor Project
  • PC builder Project
  • 360 Tour Project